Friday, August 28, 2009

How to stay motivated on a sad day?

I have an urge to address the question of ¨sad days.¨ Where do they come from? Suddenly, Ifind myself in the midst of a very rainy and cool day, feeling very sleepy and suffering from a sore throat, stomach pains and a total loss of bearings for the day. Things that were so amazingly interesting and essential just yesterday, personal emails to be read and answered, thoughts to work through and things to do suddenly lose their basic appeal, and I can't feel any sincere affection for any human being in this world (what do married people do on "sad days", I wonder?) Yet, I make a choice to persevere through the day. In my mind I tell myself that the rain will not last forever, and my sore throat will go away, and I'm not really alone in this world, but I'm stuck in the emotional hole and can't climb out of it on my own.

So, I think, I should ponder some solutions for such days and be prepared when it hits me again.

Thoughts anyone?


  1. I hate seeing this unanswered even though I wrote you already.

    I guess I would answer the question with another question, which is, what does it mean to "stay motivated"?

    Being regularly depressed is, of course, not a good thing. But sometimes I think God uses the sad/sick/lonely/tired moments to tell us to slow down and reflect a little bit. To us in the moment it is misery, and we don't have to deny that or pretend that life isn't painful. These moments have their use, but that doesn't mean we have to minimalize the unpleasantness of it. It would not bring God credit if we pretended we were not in need of help.

    The feeling of paralysis is scary when we're in an "emotional hole". I think it's important to know yourself. If it has happened before, how long did it last, or what brought you comfort? Which time of the day is better/worse? Which friends can you count on to listen to you and pray? Which Bible passages help you out?

    That was a long way of saying it happens to everyone, which is probably not a helpful answer at all. But I wanted you to feel set free from guilt about being sad. Often we have a good reason for being sad, and other times we are merely overreacting to something, but God can use that too.

  2. on days like this first i make tea, then i cuddle up and read passages in psalms, because discouragement can turn to motivation and encouragement so fast. also i listen to music, because it can totally take you to a different place. but i totally know what you mean, and sometimes nothing really helps, except getting through it. feel better!