Friday, February 27, 2009

Limited Internet

My Internet provider is experiencing difficulties, and my Internet access is limited. There is a random selection of sites that I can't go to now, such as Facebook and and many others that contribute to keeping my daily curiosity at a manageable level.
I tried to deal with the situation and called the tech support, where I got to converse with a couple of very "The IT Crowd" geeks; I was able to figure out the my Internet provider is "experiencing difficulties." As a side note, both IT geeks and I were equally displeased with our interaction finding it annoying and offensive. It seemed like that they have immediately placed me in the "pesky and annoying computer dummy" category, and I, quite willingly, have placed them in my mental folder of "have you tried thinking before" people. It didn't help that my perfectly polite sarcastic comments were not even detected by the scarce number of the brain synapses in their innocent heads. It took a lot of inner struggle for the young men to acknowledge that there were problems that they could not fix right that minutes. I was beginning to feel like I was trying to force them to testify in the court of law, and they were under oath.

Me, "So, you admit that right now you do have problems with the Internet access, and you can't really tell me when it will be fixed?"
Antisocial IT geeks, "Yes, there are problems, but these problems are not "ours." We do not have any problems."
Me, "So, am I the one with the Internet problems?"
Antisocial IT geeks, "We don't have any Internet problems."

I am not even sure now how we got out of the logical "dead loop", but now I am facing a different reality of not addressing Google for every pertinent life question. "What is the meaning of life?" "What is the best chocolate cake recipe?" "What is the weather like now in Papua New Guinea?" I guess, I'll just have to deal with it and do some work instead.


  1. That's frustrating! I hope it's been fixed by now. I didn't go on the computer over the weekend, and I felt so lost. No Facebook or email, no idea what to wear because I couldn't check the's a strange feeling.

  2. Yep, I'm back online - actually, missed seeing you on Skype a lot. I imagine, next few days will go So-o-o-o quickly for you. I hope we'll get to talk, and if not I'm praying for your safe travel. Don't forget to let me know if you are stranded at the airport all by youself.