Friday, February 27, 2009

Limited Internet

My Internet provider is experiencing difficulties, and my Internet access is limited. There is a random selection of sites that I can't go to now, such as Facebook and and many others that contribute to keeping my daily curiosity at a manageable level.
I tried to deal with the situation and called the tech support, where I got to converse with a couple of very "The IT Crowd" geeks; I was able to figure out the my Internet provider is "experiencing difficulties." As a side note, both IT geeks and I were equally displeased with our interaction finding it annoying and offensive. It seemed like that they have immediately placed me in the "pesky and annoying computer dummy" category, and I, quite willingly, have placed them in my mental folder of "have you tried thinking before" people. It didn't help that my perfectly polite sarcastic comments were not even detected by the scarce number of the brain synapses in their innocent heads. It took a lot of inner struggle for the young men to acknowledge that there were problems that they could not fix right that minutes. I was beginning to feel like I was trying to force them to testify in the court of law, and they were under oath.

Me, "So, you admit that right now you do have problems with the Internet access, and you can't really tell me when it will be fixed?"
Antisocial IT geeks, "Yes, there are problems, but these problems are not "ours." We do not have any problems."
Me, "So, am I the one with the Internet problems?"
Antisocial IT geeks, "We don't have any Internet problems."

I am not even sure now how we got out of the logical "dead loop", but now I am facing a different reality of not addressing Google for every pertinent life question. "What is the meaning of life?" "What is the best chocolate cake recipe?" "What is the weather like now in Papua New Guinea?" I guess, I'll just have to deal with it and do some work instead.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life Choice (on a smaller scale)

I keep telling the world that I haven't posted anything new in 5 months. Apparently, my posting and creative energy goes to communicating with my friends via emails, chat and Skype. I dare to post this little explanation as to encourage myself to post at least something once in awhile.

I find myself being overwhelmed with the choices that I need to make on a daily basis. I'm not talking about huge and important moral choices that affect your entire life. I'm referring to a huge number of various, seemingly unrelated tasks of work and daily life that one needs to accomplish during the day in the light of a steady stream of the new ones that are cheerfully being added to the "to do list." Things appear to be under control while the number of tasks is manageable.

Finally, the critical moment comes, and I look at the entire list and understand that I'm a slave of my "to do's", and, one way or another I have to complete these tasks. Yet, I keep struggling through figuring the order of my actions. Should I go to the store and buy groceries? Since I don't own a car it's a rather time consuming task. Should I go to this store and than another store? Should I go to church tonight and then go to the store? Should I do this work project right now, but I don't have the time to do the entire thing, so...should I not do it at all (it's a joke) Should I cook some food and do a load of laundry right now or later? And, two most unanswered questions for me are, "How do I lower my living expenses?" and "How do I motivate myself to go to bed earlier than four in the morning?"
Help! Should I write more here, or should I read my Bible and drink more coffee?